Frequently Asked Questions

LandMark Dentistry is dedicated to helping our patients preserve their oral health through exceptional, comprehensive dental treatments. Please review our FAQs to learn more about our practice, scheduling and locations, services, insurance and financing, and other common questions.

Are you accepting new patients?

We are currently accepting patients at all locations. Please contact the office closest to you.

Are you in-network with my insurance?
We work with most dental insurance plans. Contact your insurance company to determine your benefits and in- or out-of-network status.
Do you accept Medicaid?
Unfortunately, we do not accept Medicaid or Health Choice.
Do you have payment plans? I don’t have good credit.
We don’t want anything to stand in the way of your beautiful smile. Speak with a treatment coordinator to learn more about our affordable payment plans. For patients without insurance, we have launched a membership club to help simplify payments and to save you money on dental services.
Where are you located?

We offer comprehensive dental services in Charlotte, Mallard Creek, Matthews, and Wesley Chapel.

Who is the doctor at this location?

LandMark Dentistry has a team of friendly, experienced dentists. See below for a list of dentists at our convenient office locations.

Can I see a certain doctor that my friend has recommended?
Referrals are one of the best ways to find a dentist. Each of our dentists is highly trained and experienced. While we will make every effort to accommodate your request, the dentist you wish to see may not be available. If you wish to be seen sooner, in a specific location, or for a specific service, you may need to see another doctor.
Where did the dentist go to school? How much experience does the dentist have?

At LandMark Dentistry, we have some of the best dentists in the Charlotte, Mallard Creek, Matthews, and Wesley Chapel areas. We uphold the highest standards of dental care. Learn more about our team of dentists, their educational backgrounds, experience, and specialties

My children are young and cannot wait by themselves. Can I bring them to my appointment?

At LandMark Dentistry, we see patients of all ages. You may schedule your child’s pediatric dental appointment at the same time as your own to suit your schedule.

Will you clean my teeth on the first visit?

Dental exams and dental cleanings are usually performed during the same visit unless you have more severe needs such as periodontal disease which requires a more intense cleaning process.

Do I have to have x-rays?
Dental exams often include x-rays. Dental imaging gives the dentist a chance to see what is going on beneath the gumline and to check the roots of the teeth. Your dentist uses x-rays to check for signs of decay, tumors, root damage, bone loss, and infection.
How long is the first visit?

If this is your first visit to our office or your first dental visit in a few years, expect the appointment to take slightly longer than normal. Arrive a few minutes early to complete new patient paperwork or save yourself time by completing our online forms.

For a new patient, x-rays are necessary to give a baseline and to assess the underlying structures of your mouth. You can also anticipate a dental cleaning and exam. If it has been a while since your last dental appointment, this process may take longer than normal as we need to determine your dental needs to provide you with the best dental care. Subsequent visits will not take as long.

At what age do you start seeing children?

We see patients of all ages. Pediatric dentistry is crucial for your child’s oral health. Once the first tooth erupts, your child can start seeing one of our dentists. During the early years, the appointments establish the routine and familiarity with our dental team, but it also allows us to educate you and your child on how to keep the teeth and gums healthy.

I am extremely nervous. Do you offer sedation?
At LandMark Dentistry, we understand that many patients have dental fears. We do our best to ease your anxieties and provide dental services in a safe, calm environment. We do offer a variety of prescription sedation options to keep you from putting off a needed treatment.
Is the dentist friendly? Is the dentist gentle?
At LandMark Dentistry, we provide dental services in a safe, calm environment. Our dental team is friendly and compassionate. Each dentist uses a gentle touch suitable for patients of all ages from young children to seniors.
I need antibiotics, pain meds, have swelling, or have a dental emergency. What should I do?

Dental emergencies happen when you least expect them. If you experience pain or swelling or have a dental injury such as a broken or knocked out tooth, contact us immediately. We offer emergency dentistry services to quickly assess the problem, ease your pain, and address your dental needs.

How much is the first visit?

The cost of your dental appointment varies depending on your needs, treatment, and insurance plan. If you are concerned about costs, contact your insurance plan to determine if we are in-network. You may also speak with a treatment coordinator to learn more about our wellness plans and third-party financing options. We don’t want anything to stand in the way of your beautiful smile!

How much is an extraction?

The cost of a tooth extraction varies based on the extent of work needed and the location of the tooth. Our dental team will assess your needs and provide you with a detailed assessment. Contact our office for additional information regarding the cost, insurance coverage, and financing options.

How much is a denture?
Compared with other dental restorations, dentures are often a cost-effective solution to restore your smile. Dentures are sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. Today’s technology ensures the dentures look natural too. The cost of dentures varies depending on the type of denture (full, partial, or all-on-4 implant dentures). Check with your insurance company to determine your coverage benefits. You may also speak with one of our treatment coordinators for additional information on payment plans or financing options. We don’t want anything to stand in the way of your smile so we will work with your budget to determine an affordable payment plan to help you get the smile you deserve.
What are your new patient specials, whitening specials?

We have a number of ongoing specials. Please contact us for more information.

Choose one of the following:
Free Sonicare Toothbrush* or Free Whitening for Life* or Free Air Flosser*

*some exclusions may apply

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