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Dental oral surgery is an ideal treatment for several common dental issues so don’t get frightened if oral surgery is recommended in your treatment plan.

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Teeth crowding

The term oral surgery may sound a bit scary but oral surgery procedures are quite common, and you may have already had an oral surgery procedure and didn’t know it.

Most oral surgery is performed in the dental office, not a hospital. A recommendation for oral surgery just means you need specialized care for your condition.

There are two types of oral surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgeryMaxillofacial surgery refers to procedures to resolve conditions affecting the jaws, oral tissues, neck, and face. Oral surgery is an ideal treatment for several common dental issues so don’t get frightened if oral surgery is recommended in your care plan.


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Oral Surgery May Be Suggested for a Number of Conditions That Require Specialized Care

The first steps of the dental implant procedure are surgical procedures, and an oral surgeon will be needed to complete the bone graft and install the implant into your jawbone. Oral surgeons also place dental implants, perform corrective jaw procedures, perform tooth extractions, and address impacted teeth.

Sometimes our teeth may not grow out of the gums correctly causing crowding and infections. Extracting these impacted teeth is considered a surgical procedure. The removal of wisdom teeth, gum grafts, and the repair of mouth and facial damage are all surgical procedures that can be performed by an oral surgeon.

We understand that several treatment procedures may be necessary to address your oral concerns and help you meet your oral health goals. Performing oral surgery procedures in-office can save you time and the anxiety of going to a different facility for care.

We are here to help you with all of your oral health needs. If you are concerned about any of the conditions above or want to learn more about oral surgery and how we can help, call us to schedule an appointment for dental oral surgery in any of our offices in Charlotted, Matthews, Mallard Creek, and Wesley Chapel.

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