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Infected Gums and Your Health

Periodontal disease is highly common. It’s the number one cause of tooth loss and responsible for the bleeding gums of over half of adults in this country.

Some factors put you at higher risk for gum disease including smoking, poor diet, and aging, but periodontal disease can strike anyone at any time so proper preventative dental care is essential to identifying the warning signs of gum trouble.

When your gums are infected, your total mouth health is at risk, and the inflammation of the tissue surrounding your teeth and bone could lead to serious tooth instability and decay.

Periodontal therapy works to restore your gum health and prevent further damage.

Unchecked gum disease can lead to:


Tooth and gum loss


Bacterial and plaque buildup


Bad breath


Severe infection

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Diagnosing Periodontal Disease

The first step to periodontal therapy is a comprehensive exam to identify your periodontal issues and causes. Based on the information your dentist uncovers during the exam and x-ray imaging your dentist will be able to put together a periodontal therapy plan to restore the health of your gums and stop infection. Because periodontal disease usually presents for some time without any significant pain, the signs of the gum trouble can go overlooked. It’s important to have a professionally trained eye examining your teeth and gums at least twice a year to ensure early detection.

Common Periodontal Therapy Procedures

Periodontal therapy includes both surgical and non-surgical procedures depending on your needs and condition.

Gum Grafting, a procedure that involves grafting tissue from another area of your mouth to replace damaged or receding gums.

Scaling, or deep cleaning beneath the gum line to remove plaque and tartar buildup that causes infection and periodontal disease.

Arestin, a treatment of antibiotics are placed directly into infected spaces in the gums to kill infection and prevent bacteria buildup.

During regular exams and cleanings, your dentist will screen you for potential periodontal disease. If you notice bleeding or swollen gums while you brush or have concerns about your overall periodontal health, we can help.

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