Dental Implant Crowns in Charlotte, NC

Find your permanent solution for one or more missing teeth with the Implant Crown procedure at Landmark Dentistry.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

If you are missing one or more teeth or expecting to have one or more teeth removed an implant crown is the most advanced and durable option for filling the space. Implant crowns replicate your natural teeth with unparalleled precision making them undetectable.

Here are some reasons to choose dental implants to replace your missing or damaged teeth:


Tooth loss or decay


Tooth misalignment (which can impact your bite)


Mouth pain caused by shifting teeth


Improve / restore chewing, speech, and digestion


Getting the smile you deserve!

With our cutting-edge implant procedures, we can give you the confident smile you’ve been waiting for!
Dr. Mark Tripp reviewing treatment options with a patient

What is an Implant Crown?

Missing teeth can interrupt normal speaking and chewing function and cause the teeth to shift making additional spaces. Open spaces in the mouth are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and cleaning your open spaces properly at home can be a challenge leading to decay of surrounding teeth and gum disease. Implant Crowns give you the option to replace your teeth with a natural-looking solution that doesn’t have to be removed or specially maintained. The implant looks and functions exactly like your natural teeth.

The Implant Crown procedure at Landmark Dentistry is a surgical procedure that can take 2 to 3 visits to complete depending on the condition of your bone structure. If you need a bone graft in the space where your implant will be placed that step is completed first. Next, a titanium post is placed to serve as a holder for the missing tooth root. Your customized crown implant is created and permanently fixed on top of the titanium post to complete the procedure. The Implant Crown replicates your tooth so effectively the jawbone will soon grow up around the implant and secure it just like your natural teeth.

A computer-generated image showing how a dental implant is placed

Dental Implant Crowns: Before and After

The photos of our patients below show the results of our dental implant crown procedure.

Single Anterior Crown Before and After
Six Anterior Crowns Before and After
Four Anterior Crowns Before and After
Upper Anterior Crowns Before and After
Four Anterior Crowns Before and After

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