About Dr. Andre Brun

Dr. Andre Brun is one of our best general dentists in our Charlotte location. He has extensive experience in dentistry which helps him provide the best care for our patients. He also participates in a wide variety of continuing education programs throughout the year to maintain excellent dental care.
  • Dr. Brun is a double graduate of McGill University in Montreal, Canada with a BSc in Chemistry (1997) and a Doctorate of Medical Dentistry (2004).
  • He specialized in Oral Medicine at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte from 2004 to 2007. In this program, he focused on treating hospital patients with general dental needs, as well as patients with TMJ disorder, Sjogren’s syndrome (dry mouth), and other mouth-related conditions.
  • Dr. Brun is a member of theAmerican Dental Association and the North Carolina Dental Society.
  • Dr. Brun understands the importance of helping out in the community. He volunteered for the North Carolina Missions of Mercy, which is a free dental clinic organized by the NC Dental Society and has also worked with the local women’s shelter and volunteers for their quarterly dental van.

Originally from New Brunswick, Canada, Dr. Brun has lived in Charlotte for the past 19 years. For relaxation, Dr. Brun and his wife Chantal enjoy outdoor activities such as golf, tennis, pickleball and hiking. They also enjoy being active at the YMCA and traveling to discover new places and adventures. Dr Brun also loves to cook and try new cuisines whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Get to know Dr. Brun:

Where could we find you on the weekends?
Weekends are usually between 2 extremes, either full of activities like hikes or meeting friends for games and dinner; or when I need to recharge, just hanging out at home with the cats on the sofa watching the NFL or a PGA golf tournament.
Do you have any pets?
I have two cats, Ms Cleo and Ernest.
Do you like to travel?
My wife and I love to travel. Top destinations are Charleston, Las Vegas and Maine. Looking forward to traveling more internationally to Europe and Scandinavia in the future.
Who inspired your career the most?
I was always intrigued with the dentist growing up and had a good relationship with my childhood dentist. You could say he was my mentor, as no other family members had dental careers.
Do you have any hobbies or interests?
I like trying new activities like ax throwing, curling and pickleball to name a few. I also love to cook at home and always love to try new recipes.

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