Implant Bridges

How Dental Bridges Work

This is a perfect procedure if you need to replace some of your teeth but don’t want to have dentures or full teeth replacement.

In a traditional bridge procedure, crowns are placed on the teeth neighboring the missing space and are attached with metal to the prosthetic tooth to fill the gap.

During an implant bridge procedure, two small titanium posts are placed at either end of the gap you’d like to close then covered with prosthetic teeth custom made to match the size, shape, and color of your natural teeth.

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth are a source of many dental issues because open spaces in your mouth create the perfect environment for harmful bacteria to grow and compromise surrounding healthy teeth.

Over time, missing teeth can cause changes to your facial structure and appearance and make eating a challenge with every bite.

Landmark Dentistry’s implant bridge procedure offers a permanent solution to multiple missing teeth that won’t require the commitment of a full mouth reconstruction or the inconvenience of dentures.

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You may be a perfect candidate for a long-lasting, seamless repair with an implant bridge procedure with Landmark Dentistry if you:

  • Have spaces of missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw
  • Have changes in your facial appearance from missing teeth
  • Have difficulty eating and speaking due to missing teeth
  • Want to improve your smile


Are you unhappy your current removable partial denture?
An implant bridge is a surgical procedure that is usually completed in about 2 to 3 visits. Depending on your jawbone structure, you may need a bone graft to ensure the proper placement of the titanium posts before your implant bridge can begin. Once the titanium posts are placed, your jaw will naturally incorporate them and treat them like a substitute for tooth roots. This will serve as the foundation for your permanent tooth replacements. Once placed, the implant bridge will be a permanent, functional and natural replacement for your missing teeth.

Implant Bridge Benefits

Leaving spaces open in your mouth can damage your surrounding healthy teeth and put you at risk for more damage and higher dental treatment costs down the line.

Implant bridges with Landmark Dentistry are the best option available for filling spaces of multiple missing teeth because of:

  • Natural, seamless replacement
  • Correcting issues with eating and speaking caused by missing teeth
  • A permanent replacement option with no maintenance aside from proper home dental care, cleanings, and exams

At Landmark Dentistry, we understand that every one of our patients is unique, which means it’s our responsibility to provide customized restoration options to fit every need.

Do you have more questions about dental implants?
Check out our Dental Implants FAQs.

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