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Dental restoration is an umbrella term for the many amazing ways your dentist can restore your smile by replacing teeth and repairing damage. There are many conditions that dental restoration can improve. If you have decay, missing teeth, cracked or broken teeth, damage from an accident or neglect, or degeneration, the restoration of your teeth can be done in various ways, and your dentist will be able to better assess what’s best for your teeth after a consult and exam.

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Direct vs. Indirect Dental Restoration

The difference between direct and indirect restoration is quite simple.

Direct dental restorations are usually one visit, office procedures. Direct dental restorations are for conditions that your dentist can start to treat immediately with a basic to moderate treatment. When you come in for a cavity filling, this is considered a direct dental restoration procedure.

Indirect dental restoration is a more complex and time-consuming procedure. These procedures are for damage that needs a more extensive level of dentistry to correct. Usually, if your restoration requires any custom work or multiple office visits to complete, it will be considered an indirect dental restoration.

Cavity fillings are the most common type of dental restoration. Cavities can be filled with materials like composite, amalgam alloy or porcelain depending on your dental needs and cosmetic preference.

Bridges and crowns that restore and replace teeth are also common dental restoration procedures. Both would be considered indirect dental restoration because of the custom design necessary. Veneers are an indirect dental restoration that repairs discolorations and damage permanently with custom-made porcelain fittings.

Rather direct or indirect, your dentist has a number of techniques to choose from to help you achieve the smile of your dreams and improve the overall health of your teeth and gums.

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Patient Success Story

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