Teeth Whitening

Many patients notice a yellowing of their teeth over time. Though in general teeth become darker or more yellow over time, this discoloration is often accelerated by personal habits—drinking coffee, tea, wine or tobacco use. Antibiotics and certain foods (carrots, oranges) can also cause discoloration.

While regular teeth cleanings diminish a patient’s tooth stains, the cleaning does not always give you the brighter, whiter smile you want.


The fastest way to get your results! This is an in-office treatment that will give you immediate same-day results. During your appointment, your dental assistant will apply a whitening gel to the front side of your teeth. A light is then placed over the teeth to accelerate the whitening properties of the gel. In about two hours, you will leave the office with a bright, white smile!

Custom Whitening Trays

By taking a quick impression, our dental office can make you a custom fit whitening tray that will allow you to perform teeth whitening at home. The tray fits over the teeth similar to a retainer.

A small amount of whitening gel is placed in each tooth spot of the tray and the tray is seated in the mouth. Depending on the strength of the gel you are using, you can wear your trays anywhere from 15-60 minutes.

Initially, you will need to wear your trays multiple days in a row (usually 7-10 days). However, there is no specific time frame for whitening maintenance; and usually, 1-2 applications will get you back to your brightest smile!

The LandMark Whitening For Life Program

As a new patient coming into a LandMark Dentistry office for your first hygiene appointment, you are eligible for our Whitening For Life program. For a small one-time fee, you will receive your 10-day starter kit of pre-loaded whitening trays. Patients in good account standing will then receive two refill trays at each of your regular hygiene appointments – for life!

Patient Success Story

Watch the video below to hear our patient describe his experience with teeth whitening.

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