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Sealants Form a Protective Layer Over Your Teeth

Even when we brush properly every day, there are still spaces in our mouths that the bristles just can’t reach effectively. Scheduling regular teeth cleanings and exams are one way to get rid of any missed debris but there is something you go can do to protect your teeth between dentist visits and prevent damage and decay. Sealants are perfect for anyone prone to cavities, bacterial buildup and gum disease. Sealants form a protective layer over your teeth to block plaque and bacteria from adhering to the surface.

Dental sealants help protect your teeth from:




Plaque and tartar buildup





The sealant is usually focused on the back areas where the molars do most of the work chewing our food each day. To begin, a gel is placed on your teeth to prepare the surface for the sealant and ensure optimal adhesion. The gel is cleaned off, and the sealant is applied to teeth and hardened with a special UV light. Sealants are great for both children and adults and can be used over areas with minor decay to stop further damage.
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How Long Do Sealants Last?

Sealants are long-lasting and are estimated to last about ten years. You don’t need to do any special maintenance or care after your sealant procedure aside from maintaining a routine brushing schedule at home. Sealants wear off over time, so there is no need to come back in for removal. Once your sealant has worn away, your dentist can apply another sealant treatment to continue your protection. Although sealants are not an alternative to diligent oral care, your teeth will benefit from the added protection.

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