Full Mouth Reconstruction in Charlotte, NC

Exploring your options for a full mouth Reconstruction completes two of the most common oral health goals, improved health of your teeth gums and mouth and a drastic improvement of the cosmetic appearance of your smile. The experts at Landmark Dentistry offer full mouth reconstruction procedures for patients looking to revive their look and overall health after advanced tooth decay and loss.

What is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is a term oral health professionals use when a patient needs a carefully crafted plan for reconstruction that encompasses multiple treatment procedures to address different dental issues. Full mouth reconstruction is a full restorative procedure that is customized specifically to your unique needs. The process requires in-depth planning and a combination of comprehensive procedures to restore your smile. Your full mouth reconstruction plan may include the use of implants, crowns, extractions, composite resin and other treatments to get you to the smile of your dreams. At Landmark Dentistry our skill is unmatched so, every step of your full mouth reconstruction procedure is guaranteed to be the highest-quality dental treatment available.

You may be a great candidate for a full mouth Reconstruction if you have:


Broken, uneven or misaligned teeth


Missing or severely decayed teeth


Advanced periodontitis


Jaw pain issues, chronic tooth grinding

Dental staff examining a patient's teeth

Full Mouth Reconstruction Benefits

The health and wellness of your mouth and teeth has an impact on your entire body. Issues with missing and decaying teeth and severe gum disease can put you at risk for serious conditions like heart disease, infection, and cancer. Trouble with your teeth can change your eating habits, social routines and can take a toll on your self-esteem. If you have advanced issues with your oral health, a full mouth reconstruction won’t just improve how you look, it could save your life. Landmark Dentistry understands the value of making master-level full mouth reconstruction procedures available and we are proud to be the source of the dental treatment that will help you:


Look decades younger


Eat the foods you love again


Feel more confident at work and in social situations

The health and appearance of your teeth can hold you back in our society. A broken, decaying smile can stand in the way of your job opportunities, love, social acceptance and reaching your full potential unaffected by how you and the people around you feel about your smile. A full mouth reconstruction with Landmark Dentistry can turn the clock back by shaving years off your look leaving you with a youthful healthy smile but, that’s only one part of how the full mouth reconstruction plan can change your life. Once you debut your perfect smile, you’ll find that all of the restraints you felt living with concerns about the appearance of your teeth will fall away and open you up to new opportunity and the chance to get the most out of life.

Landmark Dentistry has helped countless patients just like you struggling to find answers to help them feel more comfortable about their teeth. One phone call will put you on the road to smiling with confidence. Contact us for more information about our full mouth reconstruction procedures and schedule a consultation to talk about your options today.

A model of human teeth anatomy

Full Mouth Restoration: Before and After

The photos of our patient below show the results of our full mouth restoration procedure.

A side by side comparison of a patient's teeth showing the dental problems that existed before full mouth reconstruction treatment and the improvements made after treatment

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