When you enter Landmark Wesley Chapel there is a sense of happiness, contentment, and a welcoming atmosphere. It almost feels like you have always known Dr. Anait, Mona and Julie. Today, we go behind the scenes!

Dr. Anait was born in Armenia, spent her early years in Russia and then came to the United States in 1999. She is a role model of intelligence, determination and independence. Dr. Anait began in the banking industry but soon felt inspired by her brother to become a dentist. She attended the University of Indiana Dental School and made her way directly to sunny Wesley Chapel, North Carolina.

What the insiders know- Dr. Anait is a long distance runner, is super crafty with knitting and crocheting and is an amazing pastry chef!

Mona, our hygienist, was raised in India were she excelled in academics. She received her Master’s degree in Physics before moving to the United States. Mona started out in the pharmaceutical industry but felt the calling of working more closely with people.

Secret talent-Mona is a self taught amazing painter, she shows her works often in Charlotte! She is a leader in wisdom, calming ways and seeing the fair side of every situation.

Julie, Wesley Chapel Hygienist, was raised in South Korea also doing very well with her studies. She obtained her Master’s degree in Finance while she and her husband worked and studied at Ohio State University.

Julie loves reading, researching and spending time with her family. She is very involved with music, math and science groups- even helping her son’s team win the Rocket building competition in the Science Olympiad. Secret talent- Julie runs marathons!

Angela Collins, MHA

Landmark Dentistry www.TheLandmarkSmile.com

BS Human Resources/Psychology

Masters Healthcare Administration

Mother of Four, Mountains to the Sea- loving NC