Thinking of a whiter, brighter smile- you can lighten your teeth up to 6 shades with Zoom In Office Whitening at Landmark Dentistry. Zoom lets you instantly enjoy whiter teeth, avoiding the two week do it at home tray process.

Zoom is 4 sessions of 15 minutes- Where a specially trained dental assistant will take care of you every step of the process.

Patients can relax, listen to music, have the lights dimmed, even enjoy a warmed blanket.

First the assistant will place a protective layer of material on your gums, only leaving the teeth to be whitened.

The Zoom gel is then placed on your teeth and the light is applied in increments of 15 minutes.

The gel will foam and activate and creates the accelerated whitening process.

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At Landmark Dentistry our patients also take home upper and lower custom made trays to keep for whitening touch ups. Over the years as we drink and eat staining foods a touch up at home is ideal. With these trays patients purchase just the whitening gel and can do at home for a few days and get right back to their radiant smile.

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