Your dental x-rays are your best defense against infection, decay, and damage to your oral health.
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Bone loss and degeneration






Gum disease

A comprehensive dental exam usually includes x-ray imaging. When you come in for your first dental visit, x-rays are recommended to give your dentist more insight into your dental health needs. X-rays go beyond what the dentist can see during the exam and gives a view of the roots of your teeth, jaw and bone health and gum condition. There are two main types of oral x-rays, intraoral x-rays are images taken from the inside of your mouth and extraoral x-rays which are taken from the outside of your mouth. Oral x-rays are a safe and vital tool for oral health discovery. After your first exam and round of x-rays, your doctor will be able to put a schedule together for future imaging if necessary.

X-rays are ideal for identifying which teeth, if any, have cavities.

They give your dentist the opportunity to examine the roots of your teeth and identify any potential danger from infection of the gums or pulp. X-rays are also essential for discovering any gum disease or deterioration of the bone in your jaw that keeps your teeth secure in place. Your dentist needs the in-depth examination x-rays provide to diagnose both current and potential conditions that could impact your smile.

X-rays, exams, and cleanings are a trio of regular diagnostic procedures that help your dentist keep your mouth healthy. X-rays are always performed with your safety as a top priority. This safe imaging is equivalent to the amount of radiation you are exposed to when flying on a plane so don’t let worry keep you from allowing your dentist from gathering this vital diagnostic information.

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