Are you moving to another location or your current dentist no longer feels like home? There are many reasons for finding a new dentist. When you check for online recommendations, everyone is adamant that they have the best dentist. To figure out what to look for, let us discuss the important questions to ask when looking for a dentist.

4 Questions to ask when looking for a dentist

Your ideal dental practice should help you have the most comfortable, convenient, and top-notch dental experience possible. To find the best dentist, you must set standards by asking the following questions:  

Are there any open slots for new patients?

A dental practice may look wonderful and their existing patients might adore them for it, but it pays to look beyond those features. Some dental practices are treating many patients with limited staff capacity. 

With that, they may try to reduce their operating hours by closing on Fridays or working through lunch to close early. Their existing patients may have also blocked most of the early morning and afternoon schedules a few weeks ago leaving no room for you to fill in. 

The following questions can help save your time and effort in looking for a dentist:

  • Do they have open slots for new patients within the next two weeks? 
  • Does the practice keep having blocked-off time slots to accommodate new patients?
  • How many hygienists can work simultaneously? 

If you’re planning to go to the dentist with your family, it’s best to consider the number of dental professionals available to attend all of you at the same time. Otherwise, it would be more convenient if they have another schedule within the next few days to treat your other family members.

Do their dentists and hygienists work on a regular schedule?

Once you build trust and relationship with a dentist, it can be disappointing not to see them on your next appointment. Beware of statements such as “We can’t guarantee who will treat you during your dental appointment” or “we don’t take requests for hygienists.”. Such responses can start a never-ending battle to get appointments with the dentist of your choice.

Make sure that the dental practice you will choose can grant your request for scheduling an appointment with your preferred dentist or hygienist. It would also be a plus if they can smoothly accommodate your requests without any hassle. 

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Can the dentists handle most dental treatments at their location or do they refer to other dental providers?

Not all dentists can handle some dental procedures like implants. You can go to a family and cosmetic dentist and end up with a referral for your gum disease, Invisalign, or sleep apnea treatments

If you think you will need extensive dental treatment, call the practice and ask what types of dental procedures are offered at each of their locations. Most dental practices can do root canal, extraction, and tooth restoration services without referring their patients to go to another dental practice.

Does the dental practice file my insurance?

Many dental practices will not disclose financial policies unless you ask for them. It’s one of the important questions to ask when looking for a dentist because it’s a factor in the overall convenience provided by a dental practice. To secure a smooth transaction, ask if:

  • Do they file the insurance claim for you?
  • Is there a treatment coordinator that verifies your insurance and gives you a correct estimate of what you will be responsible for?

If you have dental insurance, they should help transact the claim for you and not require you to pay everything up and have it for reimbursement. Also, some dental procedures have a specific percentage that you will have to pay, so it’s best to have a dental staff to explain your insurance coverage and other financing options.

Beware of practices that say “You will need to call your insurance for your coverage” or “You will need to find out what benefits you have”. Professional and patient-centered dental practices are set up to call your insurance plan and help you navigate your benefits.

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Patient reviews are great to look at, but many people don’t dive into detail which eventually becomes essential later on. Even speaking with friends will not reveal financial or referral issues as each patient has unique needs. 

We are open to your questions and you can learn more about our dental services by contacting us today. LandMark Dentistry can provide comprehensive dental services at our Mallard Creek, Charlotte, Matthews, and Wesley Chapel locations. Schedule your appointment with us today.