Top 10 Things To Do in Wesley Chapel, NC

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Office News

As North Carolina continues to implement limited capacity guidelines for public settings, towns are starting to reopen with safety precautions in place. With almost nine months in quarantine, you may no longer want to stare at the same four corners of your home and miss the thrill and fun of traveling. 

It’s about time to quench your thirst for the outdoors and stroll along paved roads again. In this article, we listed the top 10 things to do in Wesley Chapel to help you make the most of your trip to this small but lovely village.  

Great activities to enjoy in Wesley Chapel, NC this fall

Wesley Chapel is a residential village with a rural vibe and close to metropolitan cities around Charlotte. Why not pack your jacket, enjoy the fall’s inviting cool breeze, and try the following activities with your loved ones:

Pizza offered at Brooklyn Pizza Parlor


1. Discover great foodie spots in the village

Start your trip around the suburb by dining in the town’s favorite foodie-stop –  Brooklyn Pizza. This pizza parlor gets crowded fast every Friday and Saturday nights, which only proves how much the community loves the food they serve. They are now open for dine-in but with limited seating to maintain social distancing guidelines. 

If your palette is looking for something different, you may try an Italian dish like Osso Bucco at Saveeda’s American Bistro or discover Greek cuisine at Greco Fresh Grille. If you’re craving some Asian cuisine, Wesley Chapel has Kami Chinese & Sushi

You may also satisfy your sweet tooth with a takeout ice cream at Ralph’s Italian Ices & Ice Cream.  

Note: Saveeda’s American Bistro and Greco Fresh Grille are open for dine-in at 50% capacity. Online deliveries and curbside pickups are also available. Kami Chinese & Sushi are only available for take-out orders. 

Dogs playing frisbee at Dogwood Park Wesley Chapel, NC

2. Let your kids play frisbee with your pets in a dog park

You can bring your fur babies on your trip to Wesley Chapel and let them run free in the fenced areas of the Dogwood Park. It has separate sections for big and small dogs and unpaved trails where you can walk them around. Because dogs have quarantined with us for nine months, bringing them along would make them happy. 

Homes available in Wesley Chapel NC


3. Home viewing in some of the best neighborhoods in town

Wesley Chapel ranks as the 6th best town to live in Union County. One of the possible factors is the residents’ effort to preserve the open land and agricultural vibe of the community. Essential establishments, like Target, are within walking distance that contributes to the convenience of living in the area. 

If you’re planning to move to another location, check out some homes in Wesley Chapel and discover why the majority of its residents are happy and satisfied staying in the village. Who knows, the simple rural lifestyle might give you the peace you’re looking for.

Source: Arturo Montenora

4. Catch up with friends over some local’s favorite beers

There’s a distinct kind of bond when we’re with our friends in person. So, as you spend time with them on your trip around Wesley Chapel, catch up on each other’s lives over some beers and wines on 201 Central

You’ll never run out of options because the store has a wide selection of local and imported beers and wines.   

Wesley Chapel Cemetery in Wesley Chapel NC


5. Have a spooky tour in the oldest cemetery in town

It’s not too late to spend a Halloween adventure in a new town. If you’re up for a thrilling exploration, Wesley Chapel Cemetery is the best place to go. The old cemetery was built in the 1800s and served as a campground back in the day. It still has the Greek Revival and Victorian headstones up to this day. 

The Village Commons Shopping Center

Source: Harris K.

6. Shop for your snacks at The Village Commons Shopping Center

If you want to save money while traveling around the town, buy your snacks at the grocery store in The Village Common Shopping Center. They have a Starbucks outlet, Harris Teeter, which is the town’s local grocery store, and other shops perfect for your everyday errands. 

Pet grooming at PetSmart Wesley Chapel NC branch


7. Treat your furry friends to a spa day 

After bringing your dogs to the park, it’s time to wash away all the sticky mud and dirt that got stuck on their fur. You can give them a makeover at the PetSmart branch in Wesley Chapel and run some errands while you wait for your furry friends. Talk about productivity!

Replanting process at The Old Barn Farm


8. Learn how to cultivate your land with Old Barn Farm

Relieve mental and physical stress by spending some time at the Old Barn Farm, where they sell fresh produce and conduct farm tours for those who are interested in farm life. You may also join the events that they conduct at the farm, such as yoga, painting, and wine tasting.

A bouquet from Single Acre Farm


9. Give your ‘plant heart’ a treat at the Single Acre Farm

Plants and flowers can give a calming effect to our eyes, and it’s even proven to help boost our mood. Single Acre Farm has the most beautiful flowers in town, and they have an amazing green thumb that helps them grow a variety of flowering plants. 

Check them out and fall in love with the in-season flowers that love colder seasons like hydrangea. 

10. Meet the best dentist in town

Sometimes, small towns like Wesley Chapel hide the best dentists that can handle your oral care the way you want it. Landmark Dentistry provides comprehensive dental services to the residents of the Wesley Chapel and the surrounding areas.

In line with the COVID-19 protocols, we highly encourage our patients to follow our safety guidelines during their appointment. To learn more about our new normal appointment process, you may call us at 704-843-5757.  

Visit Wesley Chapel, NC

Wesley Chapel is a small village, but its thriving community helps preserve the rural lifestyle and the heritage of the town. Watch the stunning foliage in the area as you discover the hidden charms of the neighborhood that makes anyone stay for good. 



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