Top 10 Things To Do In Matthews

Matthews lies in the southwestern part of Charlotte and one of the towns of Mecklenburg County. It is an 18-minute drive from the metropolitan city of Charlotte which makes it a perfect quick getaway spot away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Because we are a dental practice in Matthews we wanted to give you a walkthrough on the fun things to do in Matthews amid the pandemic.

Fun things to do in Matthews

If you’re missing the fun of traveling, it’s worth checking the local spots in nearby towns like Matthews. Who knows, you might find a new foodie spot or a hobby that will pique your interest. Here are the top ten activities for you to enjoy in Matthews with your friends this March.

COVID Advisory: Please note that most of the businesses listed here are operating at 50% capacity and most require a reservation before your appointment. You can check more details about the local COVID protocols here.

Soccer field in Sportsplex at Matthews, NC

1. Get into fitness by playing soccer in Sportsplex at Matthews

Looking for a well-maintained turfgrass? 

Sportsplex at Matthews might be the one you’re looking for. It has been praised for its well-maintained turf fields, playground, and walkways where kids can play and run. You can also check out the upcoming soccer tournaments this April.

Pet paradise in Matthews

2. Treat your fur babies to some outdoor playtime at Pet Paradise

Your furbabies, either a cat or a dog, also need some outdoor fun after months of being in lockdown. Pet Paradise will give your pets the perfect getaway with their bone-shaped pools, endless toys, and indoor play areas. They also offer a FREE one-day trial for their day camp services here

Waffles at Stacks Kitchen in Matthews

3. Indulge in an all-day breakfast treat at Stacks Kitchen

Stacks Kitchen is one of the local’s favorite family-owned restaurants in Matthews. They are popular for their delicious all-day breakfast meals and generous servings for a reasonable price. Their meals have a homey vibe that draws most visitors to come back Matthews and dine and taste their comforting foods.   

Inner Peaks at Matthews

4. Test your muscle strength with rock climbing at Inner Peaks Climbing

Discover a different kind of fun with rock climbing. Inner Peaks in Matthews is an indoor rock climbing center with a 25-foot climbing surface, 28 rope stations, and a fitness center where you stretch before a climbing session. Check out their updated schedule for walk-in and reservation here.

Idlewild Road Park

5. Enjoy a less crowded nature walk at Idlewild Road Park

If you’re looking for a less crowded spot to rest and bask in nature, you can consider Idlewild Road Park as a hidden gem. It has a 2-mile trail where you get a view of the lake and few streams along the trails. It’s a perfect spot for a relaxing walk with your pets or friends. 

Taco at El Valle in Matthews

6. Have some authentic Mexican taco and burritos at El Valle

Complete your visit to Matthews by dining at El Valle. They offer authentic Mexican food like tacos, burritos, and margaritas. Since you can’t travel much due to COVID, they will bring Mexico to you through their authentic Mexican flavors. 

creative tattoos made by tattoo artists at Divine Arts Tattoo in Matthews

7. Try something new by getting a tattoo at Divine Arts Tattoo

Express yourself with a tattoo through the creative hands of tattoo artists at Divine Arts Tattoo. Their artists can help you either with a cute tattoo or begin your tattoo journey with a more sophisticated design. Check out their FAQs to learn more about the safety of their procedures.  

Massage Envy in Matthews

8. Get a relaxing massage at Massage Envy in Sycamore Commons

Staying at home and living a sedentary lifestyle can take a toll on your muscles and blood circulation. Let a pampering massage at Massage Envy ease the muscle tension and stiff muscles of quarantine life. They offer the best rapid tension massage and total body stretch sessions for your tensed and sore quarantine body in downtown Matthews.   

Varieties of ice-creams at Bruster’s Ice Cream

9. Soothe your sweet tooth at Bruster’s Ice Cream

Get your dose of sweet treats at Bruster’s Ice Cream after a sumptuous lunch in the downtown area. They offer different options such as regular ice cream cups, waffle cups, and banana split. Soothe your cravings with their delectable ice cream flavors here

Dental team at Landmark dentistry in Matthews

10. Keep cavities at bay with the exceptional dentists in town

As you munch on delicious treats of Bruster’s Ice Cream, don’t forget to keep your teeth safe from cavities. Let our exceptionally-skilled dentists in Matthews take care of your teeth. Our team provides comprehensive dental treatments to keep your smile and your oral health in its best shape.

Schedule an appointment today and discover your next best dentist in the town of Matthews.