Are you too embarrassed to laugh, smile, or speak in public due to unstable dentures or missing teeth?

Finally, there is a 21st Century Solution to having a Confident, and Beautiful Smile…in ONE DAY!!

If you’ve been suffering from dental problems, such as tooth decay, crooked, missing or chipping teeth, we have a NEW, Life-Transforming procedure that is helping local dental patients achieve the smiles they’ve always dreamed about!  (And it’s easier than you think!)

Are your loose , damaged, or chipped teeth causing anxiety and embarrassment?

Have you been suffering from denture instability problems or have multiple teeth that are either missing or need to be replaced?

Has fear kept you away from going in to see what can be done to fix your missing or broken teeth?

Do poorly fitted, uncomfortable, or cumbersome dentures take away from your social life?

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If the simple act of chewing food or smiling causes you any discomfort, this message is for YOU!

Do you ever feel…

Uncomfortable chewing, biting or using your teeth?

Embarrassed about smiling because of loose dentures or missing / damaged teeth?

Less desire for kissing, intimacy and closeness with your partner because of your loose dentures or missing teeth?

Unable to meet new people because of a low self-esteem that is directly attributed to the look of your smile?

Fearful that fixing your teeth problems might cost too much or be too time consuming?

Socially inadequate and held back professionally?

Too old to do anything about your denture or dental problems?

Anxiety about going to the dentist because of past bad experiences?

Introducing our most advanced, custom dental implant procedure…


3 Great Reasons Choose Same Day New Smile Implant Procedure:

Improved Confidence

No need to miss out on networking opportunities, family functions, social gatherings, business opportunities and more. You can flash your confident smile and make more sales, more friends and live life the way you want!

Better Oral Health

Having no teeth can also cause bacteria and oral cancer, which leads to heart disease. Unstabilized dentures can be messy and cumbersome. Many people do not realize the value of having nice teeth, which transcends into many other areas of your body’s overall well being.

Restore the Foundation of Your Teeth

Same Day New Smile Implant Procedure not only replaces decayed teeth or ill-fitting dentures, they get down to the root and can emulate the function of your original set. Not only will eating be more enjoyable, but your mouth will feel authentic again!

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