Are you embarrassed to laugh, smile or speak in public due to missing or damaged teeth?


Finally, there is a 21st Century Solution to having a Confident, and Beautiful Smile!


If you’ve been suffering from dental problems, such as tooth decay, crooked, missing or chipping teeth, we have a NEW, Life-Transforming procedure that is helping local dental patients achieve the smiles they’ve always dreamed about!  (And it’s easier than you think!)

Have you been suffering from multiple teeth that are either missing or need to be replaced?

Has fear kept you away from going in to see what can be done to fix your missing, rotting, or broken teeth?

If the simple act of chewing food or smiling causes you any discomfort?

this message is for YOU!

Discover the secret to a stable, healthy, and confident smile, while feeling 10 years younger!


Do you ever feel…


Uncomfortable chewing, biting or using your teeth?


Embarrassed about smiling because of missing or damaged teeth?


Less desire for kissing, intimacy and closeness with your partner because of the state of your mouth?


Unable to meet new people because of a low self-esteem that is directly attributed to the look of your smile?


Fearful that fixing your teeth problems might cost too much or be too time consuming?


Do you feel socially inadequate and held back professionally?


Do you feel it will be to expensive to fix your dental problems?


Anxiety about going to the dentist because of past bad experiences?

If you are nodding your head to most of these questions, you are just the perfect candidate for our advanced custom dental implant procedure that is changing lives!

Instead of living with fear, embarrassment, unease, discomfort, anxiety or frustration about your smile… Please Read On!



Many people think that dental implants are unattainable, cost too much or that they are painful to have installed. Others simply do not know anything about dental implants and therefore never considered them as a way to improve their appearance.

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Getting Professional Implants Can be One of the Best Decisions You Will Make!

A Message From Our Dentist

Dear Patient, 
Many people think that dental implants are unattainable, cost too much or that they are painful to have installed. Others simply do not know anything about dental implants and therefore never considered them as a way to improve their appearance. You may have heard of them before, but perhaps you do not know enough about dental implants to make a sound decision. In a nutshell, it is an artificial tooth root that a professional DDS can place directly into your jaw to replace a rotting, chipping or decaying tooth.

There are two kinds. One is commonly inserted into the bone and is known as an endosteal implant. It can hold one or several prosthetic teeth and looks very close to your original tooth in appearance. The second type of implant is placed directly on the jawbone and is called a subperiosteal.

At LandMark Dentistry, we can help you determine which type of dental implants are best for your situation. They can be an ideal solution to replace either one solo tooth, several teeth or your entire mouth!

Think about it, if you got dental implants, wouldn’t your life be a lot better? You could feel confident smiling in photographs with your family, you could chew and enjoy a wider variety of foods that you once avoided, and you could totally eliminate the pain and frustration of your teeth! Just imagine the possibilities. Many of our patients do not realize how many benefits come along with having a beautiful smile, until after they receive the dental implants.

If you are among those who suffer from missing teeth, you are not alone!  These staggering facts reveal the reality of tooth decay in America. There are many reasons for this, including diet, lack of quality dental care or health benefits, time constraints, and other contributors. Many people do not realize there is a solution or have the misconception that their teeth are too far gone, that getting implants may be too painful or that it is too late to do anything about it. This is simply not true!

Most patients feel very little, if any pain during the installation of  dental implants! Some do not even need pain pills, and after the dental implants are positioned properly, your mouth will feel brand new again!

Many of our clients report being able to chew and taste foods that they  have not been able to eat for a long time. At LandMark Dentistry, we treat patients of all ages, so as long as you are of sound health, the dental implants can truly improve your quality of life. From teenagers to senior citizens, we have helped to transform the lives of many men and women who are in need of help with their dental problems.

Introducing LandMark Dentistry’s most advanced, custom dental implant procedure.

3 Great Reasons to Have Dental Implants: 

Improved Confidence

Feel good showing up for social obligations, such as networking opportunities, family functions, social gatherings, business opportunities and more. You can flash your confident smile and make more sales, more friends and live life the way you want!

Better Oral Health

Dental implants are low maintenance care as compared to messy and cumbersome dentures. Having no teeth or rotting teeth can also cause bacteria and oral cancer, which leads to heart disease. Many people do not realize the value of having nice teeth, which transcends into many other areas of your body’s overall well being.

Restore the Foundation of Your Teeth

Dental implants not only replace decayed teeth, they get down to the root and can emulate the function of your original set. Not only will eating be more enjoyable, but your mouth will feel authentic again!

Still wondering what a dental implant procedure entails? Or maybe you have questions? We can help you answer all of your burning questions and concerns in a consultation. Schedule a Consultation now, don’t wait to find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants.


Some of our patients ask questions such as:


Are Dental Implants Painful to Get?
Given the comparison of suffering from tooth decay or having a root canal, no. Most patients barely feel the dental implants. We can prescribe a prescription pain relief medication if necessary, but the feeling is generally mild.

How Long Does it Take to Get Implants?
In some cases you may only need to come for a few visits. If you have more than one tooth missing – or even a whole row – then sometimes it may require two to four implants to cover all of the teeth that need replacement. This is something you can discuss with our dentist, who has performed hundreds of successful dental implants with a tremendous success rate.

Do Implants Last a Long Time?
Yes. Many dental implant recipients can wear them for thirty+ years, as compared to dentures that need to be replaced every five years; or bridges which need updating every ten to fifteen years.

Does it Cost a Lot?
There are many variables, depending on whether you have experienced any bone loss. However, the cost far outweighs the cost of something less necessary and can lead to a lifetime of renewed confidence. You may even notice an increase in your income as a result of feeling so confident, magnetic and rejuvenated.


Life is what you want it to be, and no matter if you have suffered from periodontal disease, or lost teeth for other reasons such as an injury or accident, you can be on your way to feeling and looking your best again. Trust our professional dental group to give you superb service, affordable financial options and valuable advice on caring for your new dental implants.


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