LandMark Dentistry Welcomes Dr. Vivek Thanawala

by | Dec 2, 2020 | Office News

We are pleased to announce the new addition to our growing LandMark family, Dr. Vivek Thenawala. He will be one of the exceptional dentists that you will meet at our Wesley Chapel location. Learn more about Dr. Vivek and his field of expertise in dentistry.

Getting to know Dr. Vivek Thanawala

Dr. Vivek Thanawala, or Dr. Vivek as he wants to be called, is a fellow North Carolinian who grew up in Sanford, NC. He got his dental degree from East Carolina University.  He first practiced dentistry by serving the local communities of Columbus, OH, and Asheville, NC. 

Dr. Vivek loves to make his patients feel comfortable during their dental treatment. He aims to provide the best dental experience possible by delivering pain-free and quality dental services. As a husband, Dr. Vivek spends quality time with his wife, Sweety, and his two felines named, Thumper and Pepper. 

Dr. Vivek Thanawala

Dr. Vivek provides the following dental treatments:

Joining Landmark Dentistry in Wesley Chapel


Dr. Vivek will be joining our team of dental experts in providing comprehensive dental services in the Wesley Chapel community. With the combination of expertise in our Wesley Chapel team, we’re excited to witness the growth of our dental community. If you want to schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Vivek, here are some important reminders:

In line with the COVID-19 guidelines, we are implementing safety protocols to prevent the spread of the virus in our community. We highly encourage our patients to adhere to the following safety measures during their dental appointment:

    1. Arrive for your appointment at the exact time of your appointment and prevent coming early to prevent overcrowding inside the building.
    2. Wear a face mask or face shield when you enter the practice.
    3. Leave your family members in the car during your appointment.
    4. Sanitize your hands upon arrival.
    5. Consider rescheduling your appointment if you’re not feeling well. 
    6. If you have been in contact with an infected individual in the past 14 days, kindly reschedule your appointment with us.

For new patients, you may download our new patient forms online so you can easily proceed with your appointment when you arrive at the practice.  We offer CareCredit patient payment plans if you don’t have an existing dental insurance, or you can sign-up for our in-house membership plan.

Book an appointment with Dr. Vivek 

Experience the dental expertise and the exceptional care of Dr. Vivek by scheduling an appointment now. We consider our patients as our family, and we love seeing our patients enjoy taking care of their oral health.
Our dental team finds fulfillment in every smile that we restore. We made it our goal to help build a world filled with smiling faces that are free from pain. As dental care providers, we aim to build a healthy and happy community. 

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