We have trusted Invisalign at Landmark Dentistry for over 20 years. While there are some other companies that come and go, Invisalign has over 6 million smiles transformed!

With Invisalign you are always under your Dentist’s care. Working together with Invisalign’s 450 patents in software and technology; you are assured the highest level of successful outcomes, healthy gums, correct teeth movement and a very happy smile!

The Aligner with Smart Track Material

The clear trays that you wear each day are super important! Invisalign trays are created from state of the art 3D printing technology. Using Smart Track Material the aligner applies a gentle and consistent force to properly move your teeth. Your dentists at Landmark are always in control of the tooth movements, everything is planned to perfection using the the smart track system.

Invisalign has years of research backing their technology, Align technology was founded in 1997. With all this knowledge you can tell a difference between Invisalign aligners and other company’s.

Invisalign aligners are custom trimmed based on your gum line, other aligners are generically trimmed and made from stiff plastic. When aligners are not made correctly to your individual measurements they can damage your gums and create recession issues.

Always Under your Dentist’s Care

Unlike other companies where you can only email about issues; taking pictures from your phone and trying to self diagnose, Landmark is always here for you.

We are always ready, at your local office, seeing you in person, tracking every movement with care and precision.

Yes, you do change your trays some weeks without coming in. But with Invisalign there are many more options like bands, buttons, and procedures done in the office to get the result you want- not just close to it.

Invisalign Software used at Landmark Dentistry

There is no guesswork with Invisalign 3D software, your dentist at Landmark will have hands on control of all the aspects of transforming your smile.

The software creates a road map of exactly what movements have to happen to which teeth in what order. It calculates the precise amount of force needed for each movement, too much and the teeth start to shift too far out of their natural position in the jaw.

All the aligners and your procedural sequence are prescribed in the beginning of your treatment, your dentist will have the entire journey plotted out for maximum success.

Free Invisalign Consultation with your Dentist

At Landmark we believe that your dentist is your best resource and partner for creating your new smile. Not a sales person, not taking your own molds at home, not taking your own pictures and hoping it was what was needed.

All Landmark dentists are Invisalign certified, continually taking courses and seminars to hone their specialty.

All locations offer a Free Invisalign consultation; meet your dentist, meet your support team, tour the office and find out how Invisalign can transform your smile!