Emergency Dentistry in Charlotte, NC

Got a dental emergency? We are here for you.

Our $25 Emergency Dental Special Includes:

Emergency Dental Exam and X-Ray

Emergency Dental Services

We know accidents happen, and a severe toothache can occur at the worst of times, so we offer emergency dental services to be here for you when the unexpected strikes. When you’re in pain you need prompt, comprehensive service and treatment you can count on. We’re here to ease your dental worries when you need us.

Call us immediately for help with:


Damaged teeth




Missing fillings


Tooth and gum pain


Swollen gums

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We are on hand to help with cracked, chipped or broken teeth, trauma, toothaches, impacted teeth, loose or missing fillings, swollen gums or complications with crowns and bridges. Although it certainly helps to establish a relationship with your dentist through regular exams and cleanings, we accommodate both new and existing patients with our emergency services. Due to our limitations with seeing patients after hours, please try to call as far in advance as possible.

You don’t have to wait for a dental appointment in pain, calling us now for emergency dental help could be vital to treating your condition. For almost every dental condition, timely treatment is essential to maintaining the integrity of your teeth. If your teeth have been loosened or knocked out, getting to a dentist quickly may save your teeth. Don’t let precious minutes slip away.