Replacing missing teeth is a decision that some of us often take lightly. It’s quite easy to delay replacing a missing tooth if there is no pain involved. However, if you’re aware of the possible consequences, you would definitely consider replacing your tooth or teeth now.

Disrupted dental consultations due to COVID-19 fear

Some people are even more anxious to go to the dentist due to the risks associated with COVID-19. The mouth is one of the main points of transmission of the virus which puts dental practices as high-risk areas. 

Patients are now more hesitant to go to the dentist which can cause more people to develop unfavorable dental conditions.

Common causes of missing teeth

There are a lot of factors that can cause tooth loss. The most common reasons include:

  • Trauma or physical injury
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Fractured teeth
  • Health conditions like diabetes and hypertension

What happens when you don’t replace your missing teeth?

Patients usually consider replacing their teeth when they want to improve their appearance. However, aside from appearance, failure to replace missing teeth can lead to the following consequences:

Changes in your facial structure

Our teeth help support our cheeks, maintain the structure of our face, and prevent it from sagging. Imagine your grandma without her dentures compared to when she wears them. She looks younger right? So if you want to change how you look, replacing your missing teeth can do wonders. 

Chewing difficulties associated with a poor diet

Losing your molars makes eating a chore. Consequently, the kind of food that you eat will eventually adjust with limited chewing capability. Soft-diets can make you miss out on the proper nourishment you need from other food sources leading to certain nutrient deficiencies. What’s worse, if you get accustomed to this lifestyle, you can develop illnesses in the long run. 

Supra-erupted tooth

Supra eruption or overeruption of teeth happens when a tooth grows longer than its normal size in either an upward or downward direction. This movement is due to the lack of pressure from the unreplaced tooth that helps keep the tooth pushed back to the gums. The supra-erupted tooth makes your tooth look bigger and can affect your smile and bite if left untreated.

Supra erupted tooth causing problems to neighboring and opposing teeth

Shifting teeth

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, our teeth move throughout our lifetime. However, missing teeth can trigger major shifts from the remaining teeth due to the absence of pressure that keeps them in place. This can lead to crooked teeth and bite issues if left untreated.

Shrinking bone and gums

Our teeth are attached to our jawbones that draw their strength from the physical movements that we do, such as; chewing and biting. When our body detects the tooth loss, it triggers bone resorption or the shrinking of jawbones. This biological process is also the reason behind the denture-slipping issues among denture wearers.  

Development of gum disease

The shifts in the remaining teeth caused by tooth loss can cause teeth to move too close to each other or create nooks that are hard to clean. When that happens, bacteria and plaque can build up leading to caries and gum disease. The worst thing about gum disease is the life-threatening complications associated with it like a heart attack

Emotional consequences affecting self-esteem

One of the most common impacts of missing teeth is its effect on a person’s confidence. Missing teeth changes the way a person looks at himself and triggers a change in his social behavior. Patients with missing teeth tend to smile and talk less to hide what they’re missing. 

Jaw Problems

Our mouth rests and closes with the upper and lower teeth on top of each other. This pattern changes when you lose your teeth that cause jaw alignment alterations. Eventually, the misalignment in your bite will take its toll and can lead to temporomandibular joint or TMJ disorder. Common symptoms of this disorder are chronic jaw pain and frequent headaches.

Prevent the consequences of missing teeth with LandMark Dentistry

Keeping a complete set of teeth can save you from a lot of dental conditions. The importance of replacing missing teeth is the reason why our dental team encourages our patients to consider replacing their missing teeth as early as possible. 

LandMark Dentistry provides the following teeth-replacement solutions in Charlotte and Matthews:

  • A dental implant is a treatment that uses a titanium post that will be planted on your jawbone. This helps replace the role of the missing tooth and prevent bone loss or bone resorption.
  • A dental implant crown is a teeth-replacement solution that replicates the appearance of your missing tooth and takes its place. The crown helps restore your speech, bite, and your smile.
  • Multiple dental implant procedures or a fixed bridge is the treatment we recommend for patients who have two or more missing teeth. Ideally, implants will be placed to support a bridge that will fill the gap in your smile. 
  • Full mouth reconstruction is our recommended solution for patients who wish to transform their smile by correcting teeth alignment issues, whitening, and replacing missing teeth. 

Don’t let your missing teeth cost you more money. We can help you replace your teeth now so your future self will thank you later. Contact us now.