There is a place where google adwords and thousands of postcards are not the solution to reaching potential patients; we’ve heard about it, we know the companies that exist on that plane, but how to we get there?

Today we will uncover 5 Steps to becoming an Authentic Community Partner, not just another dental office!

How do you become a household name, how do you grow your reputation beyond what insurance you are in network with, how do you make meaningful relationships and create loyalty? At Landmark Dentistry, this is one of our top goals: to Serve and Connect with our patients.

1. Join your local Chamber of Commerce: but by all means you have to go, connect, and make relationships! My secret to success: Make connections, strengthen at each event and if I can’t use their service I make sure to introduce them to others that can.

2. Partner with Local Businesses: Take the servant leadership role, are they hosting an event that you can put flyers in your office or staff room? Reciprocal Mutual Business Alliance: Share about each other on social media, be an advocate for their company, attend ribbon cuttings and grand re-openings.

3. Health Fairs-Use your new connections: Can you speak to their employees at a wellness seminar, are you in network with their dental plan, can you offer to help the employees navigate their insurance?

4. Charity Events, Community Service: Team Building and creating a reputation in your community! Walkathons, Relay for Life, 5K Events, Girls on the Run, National Night Out, really any Non Profit Event works. Create T-Shirts to wear, share all over social media, and many have Vendor booth areas for you to set up in- at a much lower cost than a business expo.

5. Remember Teachers and Students! Teachers welcome speakers gladly- share a dental children’s book, talk about the healthy plate program, and the teachers will happily share your information with the faculty!