Full Mouth Reconstruction in Charlotte, NC

Exploring your options for a full mouth reconstruction is an important step. Let us put a plan together to reconstruct your smile and give you the confidence you deserve.

How Full Mouth Reconstruction Works

Full mouth reconstruction is a restorative procedure that requires in-depth planning and a combination of comprehensive procedures to restore your smile. During a full mouth reconstruction, your dentist will rebuild and repair your teeth and improve the look and feel of your teeth as well as your appearance and profile.

Here are some benefits to a full mouth reconstruction procedure:


Improve your smile, appearance, and profile


Look decades younger


Eat the foods you love again


Feel more confident at work and in social situations

The Benefits of a Full Mouth Restoration Procedure

Many patients with multiple dental issues can benefit from a full mouth reconstruction procedure. Full mouth reconstructions can help patients who have numerous missing and damaged teeth, advanced decay or erosion from teeth grinding or poor dental habits and even patients with under and overbites. Your dentist will use a number of procedures to correct all of your dental concerns, and this may include installing dental implants, porcelain crowns, composite resin molding, bridges or veneers.

Whether we like it or not, in our society people are judged heavily by their teeth and appearance. If the look and health of your teeth are holding you back or making you lose confidence, a full mouth reconstruction may be the treatment you need to smile proudly again. A full mouth reconstruction not only improves the look of your teeth and shave years off of your appearance, but they can also improve issues with headaches, soreness and pain in the teeth and gums and back and neck pain. It’s time to restore your confidence and get back to feeling at your best. Contact us today for more information about our full mouth reconstruction procedures and schedule a consultation to talk about your options today.

A model of human teeth anatomy

Full Mouth Restoration: Before and After

The photos of our patient below show the results of our full mouth restoration procedure.

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