Full Arch Procedures in Charlotte, NC

LandMark Dentistry has a fixed bridge implant for those needing to replace multiple teeth in the the mouth. This is a perfect procedure if you need to replace some of your teeth but don’t want to deal with the issues related to dentures.

Full Arch Procedures for Multiple Missing Teeth

Our full arch procedure, or fixed bridge, is an effective and permanent dental implant solution to tooth loss. Here are some reasons to choose dental implants to replace your missing or damaged teeth:


Tooth loss or decay


Tooth misalignment (which can impact your bite)


Mouth pain caused by shifting teeth


Improve / restore chewing, speech, and digestion


Getting the smile you deserve!

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How Dental Implant Bridges Work

Dental Implants are a surgical procedure where we will take two very small titanium posts and place them into the jawbone where the two outer missing teeth are. These posts will act as a “substitute” for your missing tooth root. Naturally, the jaw bone will start to grow around the posts and attach itself to them, giving us a strong foundation for the artificial tooth bridge.

A small portion of the posts will stay above the gum, and this is where we will attach the tooth bridge. The tooth bridge is three custom built teeth all connected together, that snaps onto the posts with what’s called an abutment. Because we carefully craft our implants to match the appearance of your own teeth, we will fit you with a temporary implant bridge while your custom one is being built.

A 3D model of a dental implant bridge being placed over a missing tooth

Call for a Free Implant Consultation

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